FAQ: Getting Out of Jail

My top priority is to get you out of jail if at all possible. A high bond/bail is normally set in these types of cases. You have the right to have your bond reviewed by a Judge who can reduce the bond or release you with certain conditions. This may take several weeks because a written motion must be filed, the prosecutor gets to respond and a hearing must be held by the Judge.

Bond/Bail Amount

The amount of bond/bail and the likelihood of release depends on several factors including:

  • seriousness of charges
  • amount of evidence
  • prior record
  • employment
  • family support
  • length of residence in Arizona or elsewhere
  • past failures to appear in Court
  • drug or alcohol history

Posting Bond/Bail

Bond/Bail can be posted as follows:

  • Cash in the full amount of the bond/bail directly to the Court.
  • By paying 10% of bond amount to a bondsperson and putting up collateral worth the rest of the bond.
  • A property bond, which usually requires real property (house or land). A lawyer can do this for you without going through a bondsperson.

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